Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio

The Old Town's charming cooking school and chef's table.

Nestled in the charming Old Town, this cooking school-slash-chef’s table adds unique touches to typical Thai comfort dishes, resulting in extraordinary flavors. You must gather a group of 6-10 people in order for the chefs (all of whom come from impeccable Thai cuisine backgrounds, including work at Nahm) to walk you through seven courses showing off sophisticated techniques, as in a nam prik platoo (minced mackerel chili paste) for which the mackerel is grilled and stirfried for extra bite.

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Restaurant details
Address: Bangkok Bold Cooking Studio, 503 Phra Sumen Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 095-696-1946, 098-829-4310
Website: www.bangkokbold.com
Area: Rattanakosin (Old Town)
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