The food you want, however you like it, made by the pros.

Chef Garima Arora and company from Here and Michelin-starred Gaa want to upgrade your meal plan.
With their new service EatWell, they’re creating completely customizable plans that cater to any dietary preferences you can think of, and then some.
All clients start with a detailed 30-minute call to discuss your health and fitness goals, favorite flavors and cuisines, and dietary needs, plus how you want your meals to be delivered, how often you eat, and much more.
Each day you’ll receive full-flavored, fully personalized meals—as in, if you want Italian food, Indian flavors, or anything else, you’ll get it—based on your call and the feedback you provide. That could mean two meals and a couple of snacks, three meals plus a dessert, or something else entirely.
If you’re familiar with Arora’s work, you won’t be surprised to find that all meals feature whole foods, organic veggies, high-quality proteins, and healthy fats like avocado oil and ghee. The team also eschews simple sugars, and the plans cater to all diets: paleo, keto, plant-based, and more.
The meals are delivered each day when you want them with reheating instructions based on your kitchen equipment. You’ll also get a full nutritional breakdown, highlighting calorie counts and macro intakes. As a bonus, the packaging is all-natural and sustainable.
One-day trials are B1,350. You can sign up for three days (B3,750), seven days (B8,050), 21 days (B22,050), or 30 days (B28,500), delivery included. If you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that those add up to a minimum of B950/day to B1,250/day. Although not cheap, that’s excellent value for food that’s completely tailored to you and prepared by a kitchen team of Gaa’s caliber.
Sign up for a plan or trial or request more information via Line @here_bkk, or call 097-140-5647.