Some of the city's most creative kitchens are rolling out special menus this September.

Akira Back

Akira Back’s eponymous restaurant on the 37th-floor of Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is only the latest in the celebrity chef’s globetrotting conquest, with his brand represented in 10 cities around the world. The flavors of Back’s dishes, however, are more localized, layering Korean and Japanese cuisines with influences from his American upbringing. Share the AB tacos (crispy taco shells stuffed with Wagyu bulgogi marinated in sweet soy sauce) and tuna pizza (tuna sashimi on chips-like crust drizzled lightly with white truffle oil) to keep room for the grilled octopus in smoked jalapeno sauce and the absolutely necessary and wonderfully decadent chocolate souffle.

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Defying convenient culinary categorization, this stylish eatery hidden behind a Brutalist concrete facade produces season-driven dishes that play with both Western and Southeast Asian flavors. Arnie Marcella, a native New Yorker, drives a kitchen that excels in foodie-wowing ingredients such as scallops with green strawberries and the foie gras dumplings, while drinks are augmented by Wareewan Yodkamol’s inventions—reason enough why the city’s fashionable still pack the stone-and-copper-touched dining room.

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At this riverside shop-house in the shadow of Wat Po, chef couple Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones of Bo.lan curate down-to-earth street-food favorites and one-plate specials, but with quality ingredients and expert culinary techniques. Ignore the tourists and focus on the simple stir-fries, pickles and sausages with organic rice and careful cooking. A bonus are the drinks—original cocktails featuring hard-to-find local spirits—and the kitschy, retro ‘60s and ‘70s vibe.

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It takes some doing to woo Phrom Phong’s brunch crowd away from their beloved Quince, but chef Top Russell’s Aussie-leaning comfort food has done exactly that. Choose between the chi-chi dining room—all shiny surfaces, fluffy chandeliers and graffiti murals—or the hay bale-riddled garden to enjoy a rich, brothy seafood risotto, slow-cooked eggs with earthy local mushrooms, and some damn fine thick-cut fries.

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This modern two-storey wood house with backyard views is the brainchild of two Indian chefs, Deepanker Khosla and Tarun Bhatia, who are both zealots for the farm-to-table and zero-waste approach. Taste the edible house-grown greens through delicious beetroot puree roots with 90-day-heated black garlic and heirloom carrots. Meat-lovers can also order Thai-wagyu beef assisted by pickled cucumber and pearl onions. 

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Wine, food and cocktails are each helmed by one of the three talented partners, friends from their Culinary Institute of America (CIA) days. Singaporean chef Cong Wen’s fascination with regional flavors is apparent in the amuse-bouche spread, such as a guava-filled puff, broken rice crackers, and grilled papaya with rosemary. His entree Tartare is cubed catch-of-the-day with a kapi (shrimp paste) mayo, turmeric yogurt and dill oil. 

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From September 14-29, BK Magazine and 60 of the city’s best restaurants will join forces to serve hundreds of special dinners at a knockout fixed price of B1,000++ per person (B1,170 total) for a minimum of three courses. General booking opens this Aug 20, though if you use a Citibank credit card you can start making bookings from Aug 11 and also get special dining perks at each venue. Make your reservations at


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